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Soft body armor is one of the most popular types of body armor. This type of armor is flexible and lightweight, and is reinforced with materials such as Kevlar or Nylon. While it is not as durable as hard armor, soft armor is still the ideal choice for everyday wear. Because it does not protect against rifle projectiles, it is often combined with hard armor for added protection.

Although fiber PBO is stronger and lighter than laminated materials, it has a low ballistic performance. As a result, this type of body armor requires a heavier vest. The most common material used for body armor is Kevlar, but other materials are also available. One of these alternatives is Vectran, which is twice as hard as Kevlar and five to ten times stronger than steel.

Hard body armor is made of plates made of composite materials, steel, or ceramics. These plates are interlocked with vests and other body protections. These protective systems can also be used to protect against AK-47 rifle rounds. However, the weight and flexibility of hard body armor can limit the protection they provide.

Bullet-resistant vests use multiple layers of very strong fibers. These fibers deform the bullet, spreading its force over a larger surface area. In this way, they deflect bullets and stop them from penetrating the body. The larger surface area of the vest also absorbs the energy from bullets.

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